Video Clip: US Department of Justice ADA Celebration

From Dick Thornburgh’s Library, we are posting a link to a video clip of the Department of Justice’s First Anniversary Celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

In this video clip, you can see Drew open the 1991 ceremony with a welcoming.

 (note: video runs on PCs, but possibly not on Pads and smartphones)

Spreading the Word

To spread the word on Drew’s recently published Memoirs, Cheryl and I have continued to reach out to disability and Right-to-Die organizations, disability and health policy -related journals, university, and grade schools (high and elementary schools) . Donna has turned to Facebook to share the news with high school friends, and Renee has found contacts through regional Florida newspapers. It’s feeling more and more like finishing the book was the easy part, copy-editing it, the most tedious, and marketing it, the most effortful.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts in sharing the news of the Memoir on your own social media. It’s challenging to share broadly when the book’s focus is chiefly disability-related rights. Yet each one of us will likely experience the wrath of functional limitations at some point in our lives through age or disease, at work or in retirement, so the work of Drew’s is something to reflect on– if preserving choice and opportunity are important in one’s life.

Let’s see what we can all do to keep spreading the word over the next 6 months.

Congratulations Drew!!! You’re Published

Wisdom From a Chair is now officially published and posted on , Booklocker and more sites to come.  The e-book will be out in about two weeks. Some tweaking of author descriptions need to be done at these sites but all in all, it looks great.

Drew, we fulfilled your wish today- your story is out. And we’ll try to help share your wonderful life with everyone.  Thank you Mom and Cheryl for being such steadfast and wonderful and wise partners and collaborators during this year-long and rollercoaster journey-ride.

Please feel free to share these links (more to come)