I started a Wilkpedia Page on Drew

Please see the link and join in/ contribute as part of the community if you wish. References need to be more consistent within a style and some section may need elaboration with accompanying independent published corroborating secondary source citations (i.e., newspapers, magazines, articles, books).




Book Review of Wisdom from a Chair from the National Rehabilitation Hospital’s NRH Today

scroll down to last page (back cover)

HAUNTING MEMOIR from Former MedStar NRH Team Member Medstar NRHToday Winter 2017 https://ct1.medstarhealth.org/content/uploads/sites/22/2017/02/NRHtoday_Winter2017.pdf?_ga=1.240526279.518418723.1487426774

Andrew I Batavia’s Contribution to the Disability Rights Movement Recently Posted on the ADA’s 26th Anniversary by Compassion and Choices organization

What a wonderful attribute  posted in late July on Andrew I Batavia’s  contribution to the Disability Movement.  Please see link below


Book Review from Death with Dignity Organization

A Review of Wisdom from a Chair: Thirty Years of Quadruplegia

The just published  book review of Wisdom From a Chair from a Death with Dignity Organization acknowledges Drew’s work in the context of the Physician-assisted dying debate from a disability perspective.