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Wisdom From a Chair – Thirty years of Quadriplegia (Andrew I. Batavia and Mitchell Batavia)


Word Spreading on Memoir

Wisdom From a Chair is becoming available “locally”  in Europe, Britain, and Australia

The Rick Hansen Foundation did a Tweet on the book

Rehabilitation International did a Book Review

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication did a blog on the book

Harvard Law Bulletin

From the Spring 2016 Harvard Law Bulletin,  covering Alum authors, comes a published  review of Wisdom from a Chair

HLS Authors: Selected Alumni Books Spring ’16

iTunes joins the ranks of e-book store options

The e-book offerings are now complete, adding iTunes to the list of ways to get the $4.99 e-book as a download

WISDOM FROM A CHAIR is now for sale at all storefronts: AMAZON: BARNES & NOBLE: BOOKLOCKER: KOBO: