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Wisdom From a Chair – Thirty years of Quadriplegia (Andrew I. Batavia and Mitchell Batavia)


Word Spreading on Memoir

Wisdom From a Chair is becoming available “locally”  in Europe, Britain, and Australia

The Rick Hansen Foundation did a Tweet on the book

Rehabilitation International did a Book Review

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication did a blog on the book

Harvard Law Bulletin

From the Spring 2016 Harvard Law Bulletin,  covering Alum authors, comes a published  review of Wisdom from a Chair

HLS Authors: Selected Alumni Books Spring ’16

iTunes joins the ranks of e-book store options

The e-book offerings are now complete, adding iTunes to the list of ways to get the $4.99 e-book as a download

WISDOM FROM A CHAIR is now for sale at all storefronts: AMAZON: BARNES & NOBLE: BOOKLOCKER: KOBO:

Family Toasts / E-book under Final Review

Relatives of Drew toasted Wisdom From a Chair‘s launch this weekend in the Bronx. Books were distributed and a brief reading from the White House Fellowship chapter was read. The e-book is undergoing final review and should be available later this month.

Several book reviews are planned or being considered over the next several months and one national newspaper has shown some early interest in covering the book.

Countries visiting the website this month of May: US, Canada, England, Ireland, Spain, France, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel.

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